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Theta Healer Training®

Would you like to experience the adventurous journey into your inner self and find out why some things are the way they are and how you can change things that bother you.


In 3 interesting and exciting days you will learn how to use Theta Healing® to release patterns and beliefs that are hidden deep in your subconscious.


Content of the seminar:


  • Mediation that will quickly get you into theta state

  • Activate your chakras

  • Experience and develop your psychic abilities

  • reading of a body

  • healing of the body

  • Resolution of Negative Programs and How to Locate Them Through the Trench Technique

  • Connect with guardian angels and spirit guides

  • Send lost souls into the light

  • Dissolve trauma and shock

  • Retrieve lost soul fragments

  • Activate 12 strand DNA and chromosomes for youth and vitality

  • Work with time (how to shorten/extend it)

  • Group healing and remote treatment

  • reading of the future

  • The 7 planes of existence

  • Manifest your soul mate, abundance and what you desire in your life

We're going to do exercises, so put what you learn into practice right away.


You need:

Zoom app, computer or laptop, camera and mic


The following seminar documents are included in the price:

Certificate from THiNK authorizing you to offer Theta Healing®


The book Theta Healing® the healing power of creation

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