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Theta Healing, Heilung, Seminar, Kurs, Selbsthilfe, Meditation, Energetische Arbeit, Schamanismus, Forrest Yoga

If you were a painting reflecting all your feelings, what would you look like?

Do you like to look at yourself or do you prefer to look away?

What or who is standing in your way?


In a session I will help you to dive into your subconscious. Did you know that 90% of what we do runs on this very memory? The subconscious does not judge whether it is good or bad, but wants to protect us from situations that have not been good for us so that they do not repeat themselves. This can be a hindrance in some cases if we cannot move forward in life through it.

I connect with the energy of All That Is and start with a reading with you, in which, with your permission, I look at what has happened and guide you through specific questions about the origin of the topic.

The program, let's call it that, is identified by a muscle test you do and removed by me (I witness the Creator energy making this change) to be replaced with a new one that now makes sense to you . I repeat because it's important: everything we do can only be done with your verbal consent.

We look at how you benefited from this situation and what you learned from it.

I give you feeling downloads that teach you new emotions and reactions so that you can go through your life with less worries.

You can also ask me questions, e.g. what your skills are, what you are really good at, what your mission in life is or what your spirit guides advise you etc.

Important note: The treatment methods I use are not to be understood as a substitute for medical treatments.
I work energetically and do not make any promises of healing.

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