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Where will our path lead us if we decide to follow the path of healing?

Welcome to my blog, here I am sharing with you what I have learned along my journey and I hope that it inspires you to go your own way, to be curious and open to everything that is not (yet) visible to everyone

Power Animals

Power animals are energies that we perceive as animals. They join us on our way, we can even have one as our spirit guide.

When I started my spiritual path, if you can put it that way, the first thing I did was contacting the shamanic side. That felt natural to me. I think this is because we have always been connected to the earth. No matter where we come from, our ancestors had a very different connection to the elements, to the earth, to animals and plants. Our genetics can easily remember this.

How often do we seek peace in nature after a stressful day? Or hug trees, which is now considered as a "trend", but actually only shows that we are learning to draw strength from nature again. We're becoming more and more aware of how important our food is and that we want it back to being 'pure', organic, because something in us has realized that's the only way to go. The unchanged that this planet is providing us. The interplay between nature and us: we breathe out and the trees absorb our CO2, we in turn breathe in the oxygen that the trees give off. Our ancestors knew when the weather changed, they didn't have a TV, they could read animal tracks, they knew which plant helped against which ailment.

Shamans are closely connected to all of this knowledge that lies dormant in our DNA, but you don't have to be a shaman to remember what daily life was like for your ancestors. If you pay attention, you can feel it when you touch a rock, walk barefoot on the grass, or breathe in the air after the rain. Here, in this energy level, are the power animals. When I go for a walk in the forest with my parents in Germany, they live in the Harz Mountains, I always see a wolf right at the entry of the forest. Like a guardian who keeps a close eye on who enters his territory.

The power animals often show up meanwhile I have learned that they prepare me for situations and it is up to me how I react. Because a power animal has both a light and a dark side, which one do I choose today?

One summer when I was sitting on the lawn and feeling the warm rays of the sun on my skin, feeling the grass under my feet, he suddenly stood there: a bull. Big, actually huge, brown almost black, I could see him clearly but couldn't touch him. I saw his body, but he remained transparent. He just stood there. Powerful, confident, calm and beautiful. A few days passed and if I consciously looked into the garden, I could still see him standing there.

I drove into town to do stuff and then it happened. Someone made a condescending comment to me, totally unnecessary and pointless. He or she, I don't remember, hit my sore spot and I raged back. I lunged at my human target with careless words, still snorting long after I was back in the car. I snorted. Like a raging bull. That's when I noticed it. The bull wanted to draw my attention to this situation. However, I didn't understand it and ran straight to the torero cloth. I didn't stay in my strength and calm, I saw red.

From then on I understood that when an animal shows itself to me, I ask about the strengths and the dark side and go through life with particular attention.

It's not about avoiding, being ashamed of, or feeling bad about the "dark" side that's being shown to you. It's more about cuddling up with it. What is this side telling you? What part of you isn't healed because you're reacting this way and ask that part what it needs from you right now. Attention, love, just to be heard? And caress it in your mind and say everything is fine.

I thanked the bull for his message and stroked him in my mind, I could even feel his muscles twitch. Then he was gone. But new animals came with new messages. Like the tiger, the hunter, suppleness, gentleness, protection and yet a swipe can be deadly. As well as a symbolic swipe of our words.

In a meditation I clearly saw a whale in front of me. He swam very close to me and I even reached out my hand as if I could touch him. His eye was kind and gentle, his energy telling me that I am safe and protected, that he is the connection to everything, to water and to air, moving in both elements. It lives in the water, but emerges to breathe and sprays its fountain high in the air, only to submerge again. For me, this represented the connection to All That Is, the energy of creation that is EVERYTHING, the earth, the water, the air, the sun (which shines on the wet whale skin when it emerges). It was wonderful. And you know what? I hadn't told anyone and a few days later a friend gave me a picture of a whale she had painted herself. She said I wanted to paint you something, then I had a whale in my mind, just like that. By the way, this drawing is at the beginning of my webpage.

Can you perceive the animal energy within you? When do you pull out your claws, when do you purr? When do you fly high above the clouds with the eagle to see everything from a different perspective? When are you the hummingbird that flies past the obstacles, concentrating only on the sweet nectar in the flowers and not what's in its way?

Now and then close your eyes and ask which animal is with you, how can you live out the light side of the animal and cuddle with its dark side?

Have fun meeting your new animal friend.

Source to read about power animals: The book "Power Animals" by Jeanne Ruland

Artist “of my Wales”: Neus Sempere, from Planes, Alcoy, Spain. Also in the picture are the planet constellations from me, my son Noah and my husband Vicente.

Inspiration: Again and again Ana Forrest my yoga teacher who was the first to put me on this healing path where anything is possible......and that I am good enough. Aho!

Photo Credits: Wallpaper Internet

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